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Transylvania ~ Sibiu

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Sibiu, One of the most important fortified towns in Transylvania -- never conqueredSibiu (Hermannstadt in German, Nagyszeben in Hungarian) is one of the most important fortified towns in Transylvania. First known as Cedonia and destroyed by the Tartars in a brutal attack leaving only 100 survivors. It was then discovered by the Saxons in ruins in the 12th century.  Later they built a strong defensive wall surrounding the city. After many attempted attacks through the following centuries by the Turks it was never conquered. You can find well preserved parts of the wall and defense towers still intact throughout the town.
Sibiu is one of the most visited towns by tourists in Romania. It is set in a valley amongst the mountains with a beautiful setting. The historic centre itself was declared by UNESCO a The ancient defensive wall of SibiuWorld Heritage Site in 2004. It is reminiscent of medieval towns in Germany such as Nuremburg.

The town consists of 2 levels; the upper town and the lower town. In the upper town you will find Strada Avram Iancu, one of the most picturesque streets that has kept the same appearance for the past 500 years. The street connects to the towns large square; it is the largest square in Transylvania. Here you will find such monuments as the Council Tower (the gate to the town), Brukenthal Palace, Catholic Church, and other architectural monuments with well preserved medieval styles. The lower town contains the town’s first fortifications and older streets. The Goldsmiths Square (Piata Aurarilor) has kept the same appearance since 1567 with its medieval windows, doorways, turrets and stairway. The stairs passage connecting the 2 levels are straight out of the middle ages.


The Finerling Stairway of SibiuThroughout the years Sibiu has held some of the most important events in Romania; such as the construction of the first hospital, school, pharmacy, paper mill (which led to the first book being printed in Romania), and more. It was the second city that rose against Communism after the revolt in Timisoara. Sibiu is known as the cultural stronghold of Romania. It is scheduled to be announced as the "European Capital of Culture" in 2007, together with Luxemburg.

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