Wine and Gastronomy Tour of Romania

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Tour Theme: Food and Wine Tours
Countries: Romania
Duration: 10 Days / 9 Nights
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Wine and Gastronomy Tour of Romania
We want to offer you a relaxed, fun and easy way to explore our exciting and vibrant country, through its inhabitants most loved way to spend their time: eating and drinking.

Our tours include several regions of Romania, each having its own specialties and gastronomic traditions. You will taste food prepared in well known, historic restaurants, home made food cooked by the locals, specific dishes prepared by shepherds etc.

Wine and Gastronomy Tour of RomaniaWine plays an important part in these tours, in the shape of wine tasting, wine cellars visits and technical information. Depending on the time of the year you visit our country, we will arrange that the tour includes visits to different Traditional Festivals and Holidays in different villages

Join our "Wine and Gastronomy - Mystery and Ritual in the Life of the Romanians" tour!

Tour highlights:

* Taste the specialities in four different regions of Romania and also the Republic of Moldova
* Visit the biggest underground wine gallery in the world, Milestii Mici wine cellars, with the largest wine collection, included in the Guinness Book of Records.
* Visit the Underground City of Wine in Cricova, featuring an network of galleries more than 60 km long.
* Visit The Rhein Wine Cellars, the former wine supplier of the Romanian royal family and also the oldest cellars where the Wine and Gastronomy Tour of RomaniaChampaign method sparkling wine is produced continuously ever since the cellars settlement
* Visit Count Draculas impressive 15th century Castle
* Visit peasant houses and enjoy excellent local cuisine 
* 1 day trip in the Danube Delta, the second lagest Delta in Europe and an important biosphere reserve .

Wine and Tradition of Romania!!!

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Romania Tours
Romania is a vast and intriguing country full of amazing surprises in every corner!

Containing some of the most well preserved medieval towns and historic castles in eastern Europe.

While the landscape holds stunning views with many opportunities for the active and adventurous type.

Romania is a must to add to your next vacation itinerary. From family vacations, honeymoons, couples to single travellers Romania offers it all!