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Bike Tour of Transylvania Heritage - Harghita and Covasna Counties

Tour ID: 1035
Tour Theme: Active, Adventure and Wildlife Tours
Regions: Transylvania, Bucharest
Duration: 11 Days / 10 Nights
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Bike Tour of Transylvania If you are fond of nature, folklore and tradition, myth and legend and want to discover one of the most romantic and inspiring of Romania's historical provinces, we invite you to join us for a bike tour in the Hungarian inhabited area of Transylvania: Covasna and Harghita counties. The towns blend the art and culture of Romanian and Hungarian civilisations while ancient citadels, fortified churches and castles guard over this land encircled by the wilderness of the Carpathian Mountains, a paradise for riding, skiing, hiking, walking or mountain biking. The past is also still alive in the vast number and varied types of architectural remains which make this region such a magical place: The Transylvanian castle from Miclosoara with the beautiful Kalnoky guesthouse, old fortified churches from Aita Mare,Haghig, the Dandar Castle, Praid salt mountain and The Salt Canyon from Korund, Covasna resort, Harghita Madaras Peak, Fintus ruins and so on.

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Bike Tour of TransylvaniaTour Profile
- More than 400 km.
- Fully guided and supported.
- 11 days to discover the traditions and countryside of the Hungarian ethnic regions of Transylvania

Tour Highlights
- Sfantu Gheorhe, the county town of Covasna
- Odorheiu Secuiesc, the county town of Harghita
- Transylvanian Castle of Count Kalnoky
- Miclosoara Hungarian ethnic village
- The Straw Museum from Criseni
- Fortfied Churches of Aita Mare, Haghig
- Harghita Madaras peak and chalet
- Corund and Praid handycraft towns

A Bike Tour full of nature, folklore and tradition, myth and legend!!


Day by Day Itinerary:

Day 1:
ROUTING: GET TOGETHER IN SFANTU GHEORGHE (Transfers from Bucharest are available)
- After a detailed introduction of the tour from our guide we will pay a cultural and historic visit to the city centre of Sfantu Gheorghe. Situated on both banks of the Olt river, at an altitude of 525 m, the county town of Sf. Gheorghe has developed from an old medieval village. The city is a remarkable economical centre as well as a cultural centre. The Szekler National Museum which we will visit includes an archaeological, a natural science as well an ethnography museum. Other sights: the Reformed Church, the Unitarian Church, the county hall, Kos Karoli school and so on.
- We will be having dinner in a nice restaurant in the city centre.

Day 2:
- After breakfast (around 9.00 am) we will begin our bike tour through Covasna area. We will pass Valcele and Araci villages admiring the reformed church of Araci (Gothic, frescoes remains and Renaissance relics). From Araci, the road follows the Olt river, one of the largest rivers in Romania. The asphalt road to Miclosoara is pleasant with easy ascents and descents. We will be cycling for around four hours and we will have some stops to admire the sights and have lunch. We will spend the night in an old traditional pension owned by the Count Kalnoky.
- Here we will be having a festive dinner where you will have the chance to share experiences and make friends in a very pleasant atmosphere of the wine cellar.
- Other sights: the fortified church from Haghig (1674), the Unitarian church from Aita Mare, the old Transylvanian castle from Miclosoara.

Day 3:
- The area of the North-Persani between the river Olt and Hagymasi (Hasmasu) pass is called "Rika-mountain", briefly "Rika" by the population of the environs, named after the wife, Réka, of the legendary Attila king, whose grave is somewhere here according to the tradition. The beauties of the landscape of the micro-region are offering to the tourist the largest variety of nature's beauties, the fields covered by wild flowers, the rocky Carpathians, the Rika mountain and the close Harghita, the large variety of the beautiful plants, part of them growing here from bygone days. From Miclosoara to Varghis - we continue the road along the Olt river, as in the previous day, for another 18 km. At Racosu de Sus we are leaving the main road and start an easy climbing on a forester route. The Olt-gorge from Racos is not a common sight. On both sides of the gorge there are rocky peaks, under them the wild and noisy river flows fast, eddying with waves. All around there are deep forests. The region is a real lithography museum: there you find red volcano-conglomerate, green tufa, black basalt and limestone too.
After ~10 km we will be in Varghis - a Romanian folkloric village. One of the most important tourism sights in the village is the reconditioned Dániel castle, a building with renaissance (16-17th century), than baroque and neoclassical style. The area of 800 hectares of the Varghis Stream Valley and the Meresti Caves is declared a landscape-protection area. From Varghis we are climbing on a forester route along Varghis river. After 18 km we arrive and visit Orban Balazs cave. Here remains of Neolithic time have been discovered. Besides, the skeletons of the man from glacial age and of the cave-bear have been founf here. We are leaving Covasna county and enter in Harghita. After 6 more km we are in a nice village - Meresti, which seems to be preserved as 70 years ago.
We expect to a 7-hours bike ride, including 1 hour cave visit, lunch and other stops.
We will be having dinner in Meresti.
- Important sights: Orban Balazs cave;Varghis - a Romanian folkloric village; Daniel castle; Olt gorge.

Day 4:
- After breakfast we will travel for about 6 km from Meresti to Martinis on a wild forest road through the spectacular hills of Persani. We have 12 more km up to Feliceni through a dusty road (but without cars). From Feliceni we are reaching a main road and from there only 3 km until we reach the nice city of Odorheiu Secuiesc. After visiting the city and lunch, we are leaving for Tibod, close to Odorheiu Secuiesc and we will be spending the night there at a Hungarian pension. The host will serve you local âœtuicaâ� â“one of the strongest in the country and will have a traditional Hungarian dinner.
- Important Sights: Martinis - the fortified church; Odorheiu Secuiesc - the center of Hungarian culture and tradition in Romania.

Day 5:
- Today we will be travelling for about 7 km from Tibod to Zetea. From Zetea to Cicas pitch there is a progressive climbing of ~28 km on a secondary road, with only few cars. Even this part of our trip will be quite demanding, the spectacular view will for sure give you the strength to easily enjoy a nice biking day. The road follows the Tarnava Mare river till Subcetate. From Cicas pitch we are descending till Suseni, where we will be spending the night in a nice pension house.
For those which still can cycle, we could cycle for ~10 km up to the village where we can find the source of Mures river. We will be having lunch at Sicasau or Liban - two nice locations along the route with good hospitality and food.
- Important sights: Subcetate Lake; Cicas pitch (1000 m); near Suseni: the source of Mures river (Izvorul Muresului).

Day 6:
- We will leave in the morning Suseni (~900 m altitude) and cycle to Ciumani and Joseni on a secondary road. From Joseni we are on a main national road, and will begin to climb for ~15 km to 1200 m altitude, up to Bucin health resort. We will be having lunch there. From Bucin we will cycle for around 20 km to Praid - another resort with salt therapy. Here we have the alternative of a secondary road. The road crosses the forest of Gurghiului mountain, along Creanga Mare brook. In Praid, you are invited to visit the salt mine. We expect to spend today 8-10 hours on the way, including breaks or lunch. We will be having dinner in Praid.
- Important sights: Bucin health resort; Near Borzont (~2 km) - Dandar Castle; Praid salt mountain.

Day 7:
ROUTING: Praid-Ocna de Jos-Atid-Criseni ~ 24 km
- Today we will be having a relaxing bike ride on the Tarnavelor plateau. Praid, Ocna de Jos, Atid and Criseni are villages with major Hungarian population. In Criseni we will be visiting the straw-hat museum â“ a unique place with popular handicrafts. You can experience the local people handicraft. From Criseni we will cycle another 4 km further to Bezid, where an artificial lake was created over a village; the old church is still visible from the water.
We expect a maximum 5 hours trip on the road, including breaks from Praid to Criseni. We will be having dinner at the summer camp of the Straw hat museum.
- Important sights: Criseni straw hat museum

Day 8:
- After a 24 km ride on a forest road, we will be reaching Corund - one of the most important handicraft centres in Romania. Our guests have the possibility to choose the perfect handicraft souvenir. After this shopping stop we are continuing our route in the Gurghiului mountains to Varsag. The next 15 km we are climbing on the forest road, following the descend to Varsag - 6 km along Tarnava Mare river. We will be having dinner in Varsag, at a traditional pension house.
- Important sights: Fintus - old fortress ruin; Corund - handicraft center; Varsag -Tarnava Mare river source.

Day 9:
- This day takes us to the beautiful chalet Harghita Madaras and the highest peak from Harghita mountains. We will start our bike ride with a descent up to Subcetate Lake along Varsag brook. From Subcetate village we will be climbing for about 18 km on secondary and forest roads. We will be having lunch at Izvoare. From Madaras peak we have a spectacular view on Tarnava and Olt river valley. We are expecting a 5-6 hours to go, including breaks and lunch. Dinner in Harghita Madaras chalet.
- Important sights: Subcetate; Harghita Madaras peak (1800m); Madaras chalet.

Day 10:
- From Harghita Madaras chalet we are descending to Vlahita on a forest road for 16 km. From Vlahita we follow a national road to Miercurea Ciuc for 26 km, out of which 8 km of climbing to Vlahita pitch (985 m). After a break in Miercurea Ciuc for lunch and city visit, we are continuing our route to Tusnad health resort for another 30 km in a descending road, along Olt river. We will be having dinner in Tusnad.
- Today we will be cycling for about 10 to 14 hours, including breaks and lunch. Be prepared for the longest day of the program.
- Important sights: Vlahita pitch (985m); Miercurea Ciuc city; Sancraieni mineral water source; Tusnad health resort.

Day 11:
- Fort the last day of our tour we will be cycling along the Olt valley and come back to our starting point. This is an easy day, passing between Baraolt and Bodoc mountains.
In Arcus we can visit the ruin of an old palace. Sfantu Gheorghe will be the final destination where we will say good-bye to each other.
Expected cycling time: 4 hours (Transfers to Bucharest are available)
- You have the possibility for an extra night in Sfantu Gheorghe but please let us know in your reservation form.

End of tour services

Optional Extra Day:
- For those riders wishing to have an extra cycling day, we are proposing a 61 km bike ride in Bodoc mountains. Targu Secuiesc is a representative city for the Hungarian population in Romania. From Balvanyos you have the possibility to visit St. Ana Lake â“the only volcanic lake in Romania. We will be having dinner in Balvanyos.
Expected time on road: 8-12 hours.
- Important sights: Nerghes pitch (878 m); Sanzieni - fortified fortress; Targu Secuiesc; Turia - fortified church and the old fortress; Balvanyos spa
- The 11th day will start in Balvanyos and finish in Sfantu Gheorghe.


Prices, Dates & What's Included:

Prices available upon request...

The Tour Includes:
- 10 nights accommodation
- Full board for all period - breakfasts, dinners (including one special festive
dinner) and lunches
- All entrances to museums and other sights included in the itinerary
- Energizers & refreshment drinks
- Luggage transportation
- Vehicle Assistance (whenever roads allow it to pass)
- English speaking accompanying bike guide (Note: We may organize also German
or French Speaking guides, pls. inquire)
- Local Taxes
- branded Tshirt
- souvenir
- Bike rental if desired for an extra cost

Not Included:
- Airfare
- Alcoholic drinks
- Gratuities
- Extra charges of hotel, eg. Laundry, telephone or fax charges, room service, etc..
- Insurance

Other specifications:
- On arrival, the participants will be informed on the program and other necessary information, they will be familiarized with the local customs and will receive the travel kit (map, equipment, bike and so on). Our guides will make sure that the participants fulfill all terms and conditions.
- In case one or more participants did not reach the meeting date and point as scheduled, it is the responsibility of the participant to reach the group during the trip, according to terms and conditions. They will receive the support of our team in finding the group as soon as possible.
- Due to the long distance for the first day and the organizational matters, the first day will not include cycling or it will only include short local rides, a visit in the city and local sights.

The above price is based on a minimum group size of 2 people. If your group size or dates differ please fill out the Inquire/Book It form for more details, which you can access from the button below.

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