Beach Holidays on the Black Sea Coast in Romania

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Romania’s Black Sea Coast stretches over 200 Km, with resorts spread out over the entire coastline. Golden sand beaches are plentiful; the main port city of Constanta is the main gateway to these resorts and worth a visit while you’re on holiday. Mamaia, Eforie, Neptun, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Mangalia are just some of the resorts, all of which cater to a different type of traveler.

Accommodation options range from rustic cabins, to luxury hotels. Whatever your comfort level on the beach, we can arrange it. Seafood is the main staple and while visiting you must check the restaurant specials, which will contain the catch of the day at a very reasonable price. Some resorts have a very active nightlife, and you can dance till the morning hours on the beachfront discos.

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Romania is a vast and intriguing country full of amazing surprises in every corner!

Containing some of the most well preserved medieval towns and historic castles in eastern Europe.

While the landscape holds stunning views with many opportunities for the active and adventurous type.

Romania is a must to add to your next vacation itinerary. From family vacations, honeymoons, couples to single travellers Romania offers it all!