Historic and Cultural Tours in Romania

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Romania has a vibrant history, and anyone seeking a historical tour will find what they are looking for in this beautiful country. Roman ruins can be seen in Sarmizegetusa, very near to Hunedoara, which is the location of Corvinesti Castle, considered the greatest fortress in Romania. Bran Castle, near Brasov is an eerie medieval Castle, debated to be the castle of Vlad Tepes ( Dracula ).

Transylvania has some of the most well preserved medieval towns in Europe such as Brasov, Sibiu, Sighisoara and more. Timisoara, is an illuminating city, and the start of the revolution in 1989 that freed Romania from communism.

Those who prefer a more cultural holiday will be amazed with the country side of Romania. Wooden churches are seen throughout Maramures, as well as the Painted Monasteries of Southern Bucovina. Rural life in many villages is the same today as it was 100 years ago, and the local people will welcome you with open arms.

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Romania Tours
Romania is a vast and intriguing country full of amazing surprises in every corner!

Containing some of the most well preserved medieval towns and historic castles in eastern Europe.

While the landscape holds stunning views with many opportunities for the active and adventurous type.

Romania is a must to add to your next vacation itinerary. From family vacations, honeymoons, couples to single travellers Romania offers it all!