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The Dracula and Transylvania Tour

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Medieval Romania - Tour of Transylvanian Ancient Cities
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Tour of Romania UNESCO monuments in Maramures, Bucovina and Transylvania
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Romanian People, Culture and Language


People and Culture
People in the small towns and villages outside the cities have changed their lifestyle very little over the years. It is not uncommon that the villagers will use horse-drawn carriages as their main means of transport. Romanians are naturally hospitable people and always eager to share stories of their village with travellers passing-by. You might even be invited into their home for a home-cooked traditional Romanian meal.

The Romanian culture is very rich in tradition and folklore. The culture steams from the Dacians, who once occupied the area in the past, among other influences are the Romans. Festivals feature brightly ornamented costumes with traditional dancing. Wood carvings, skilfully woven carpets, and pottery are some of the elements of traditional Romanian culture. Special folk arts of Romania are the decorated Easter eggs and painted glass. These items can be found in many markets and vendors near tourist attractions throughout the country.

Other minority groups that occupy Romania include Hungarian, Roma (Gypsy), German, and Ukrainian.

Country: 21,700,000 approx
Capital (Bucharest): 2,200,000 approx


Unlike its Slovak neighbours the Romanian language is Latin based, adopted when the Roman Empire occupied the area. It is one of the Romance language, similar to French, Spanish, and Italian.

Hungarian and German can also be found spoken as the native tongue in some towns and villages. An element left behind when parts of the country were ruled by other nations.

Many Romanians also speak English or French very well in the bigger towns and cities.

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